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Is your leather looking tired and in need of some TLC?

​Leather is a very durable covering !


However constant use and high friction clothing (i.e. jeans with studs, buckles, keys, pets) will wear the protective colour coating causing the leather to discolour, crack and wear prematurely.


A deep clean, preparation re-colour and re-finish will revive and restore the leather. DirtBusters cover all aspects of leather repairs from stain removal, aniline restoration to rips, tears and cigarette burns. Including furniture, cars, handbags, lugage, just about anything leather!

DirtBusters only use environmentally safe, water based leather cleaning products and colourants where possible.

Stains, Rips, Tears To Your Leather?

The DirtBusters operators are fully trained and insured for dealing with all your leather, cleaning and repairs.

Over time your leather will deteriorate with everyday dirt and dust and a treatment from our team can bring it back to life.

Save Money Long-Term

Having you leather regularly cleaned by The DirtBusters will ensure it stays intact for longer and will save you having to buy expensive replacements.

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